Judy has been offering Reflexology treatments to many adult clients from Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim and Mayo since 2007. Her tailor-made techniques have been designed to address symptoms such as stress, anxiety and insomnia associated with ADHD, Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders and anxiety disorders. Judy has years of experience working with children with special needs and behavioural difficulties and won a business all star award in April 2018 in recognition of her work with children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

A parents approached Judy to request a series of treatments for her younger child who was in the Autistic Spectrum.
He has exhibited poor sleep patterns, irritability and poor digestion.

Judy started treatment and immediately discovered the everyday challenges that carers of such children encounter, such as a lack of willingness to engage or sit still for any length of time.
It took a number of weeks for Judy to build-up a rapport with the boy and gently extend each session from an initial 10 minutes to a full hour session after a month or so.

The results were startling ! Not only did the boys mother remark that he was more settled and sleeping through the night for the first time in years, he actually relaxed so much that he fell asleep during treatment.

As carer, she and her family were now able to get better sleep periods as well and had more energy to deal with daytime challenges as a result.

Word went out throughout the area amongst parents of similar children and Judy quickly acquired an ever-growing clientele and found similar results with all the children.She subsequently ran a course with the Northern Ireland Autism Association in Omagh, Co Tyrone and following that secured a regular weekly class with the prestigious Willowbridge (Erne) School in Enniskillen. She is now running her 3rd year of therapy at this school.

Judy believes that Reflexology has now been shown to help reach out to people with intellectual challenges and Autism unlike any other treatment or intervention - for some, it may be the only form of tactile engagement they have with another person.

Listening to some young and articulate adults with Autism on the Late Late Show a in 2015, they spoke of how a lot of the time their world is crazy, hectic and unstructured and how structure, repetition and regularizing activities can help them deal with the rest of the chaos in their lives.

Perhaps this goes some way to explaining the amazing results that Judy has achieved with these children. For now Judy is just happy to see the smiles on their faces, knowing that she has helped to reduce or remove their anxieties and help them find a more peaceful and rewarding life as a result of her intervention.

The high level of demand for Judy's services (She has clinics in 3 schools and private sessions late into most evenings) has now outstripped her available calendar and she has been forced to offer workshops to Carers and parents to help meet the demand for personal attention from an ever increasing clientele.

More recently Judy has begun to upskill in SEBD, (Social, Educational Behavioural Development), marrying it with her learnings from the last decade of Reflexology practice & development, to best deliver personal programmes for troubled and difficult children, to increase Childhood, Teen & Youth Wellbeing and fight against the plague of recent teenage suicides and self harm.

The History of Reflexology

Evidence found in an ancient tomb shows people have been enjoying the benefits of reflexology since about 2300BC!


In modern times Dr William Fitzgearld devloped the theory of there being 10 zones of energy pathways within the body which influence internal organs. He described this as zone therapy.


The concept was developed further by Eugene Igham, who is regarded as the pioneer of reflexology in its modern form.


It was introduced to Britain in the 1960s by Doreen Bayly, a former nurse. It is also taught and practised in many countries worldwide.