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Over 13 years ago, Judy Buckley decided to take up a new career as a Reflexologist, subsequently qualifying with distinction and setting out on a path, previously unforeseen by others in her new chosen sector.

Now 13 years on from that faithful start, Judy is delivering Reflexology Courses to others who, like her, wish to become skilled in delivering solutions to people with issues they have struggled with for far too long.

While she has competitors in the sector, none have followed the amazing journey that Judy has travelled in those 13 years.

She has been at the forefront of a number of developments within her profession:

  • 1st to deliver Reflexology to a 2nd Level School as part of a Transition Year Programme promoting positive mental health and wellbeing

  • 1st Reflexologist to develop a bespoke approach to treating kids with ASD, ADHD, SEBD, Down Syndrome and many more

  • Invited to deliver Reflexology to a Special Needs School in Co. Fermanagh.

  • Invited to deliver Reflexology for students suffering from anxiety, sleep issues, concentration issues and many more in mainstream primary and secondary schools in Co. Fermanagh

  • Delivering Reflexology to kids to counter their Societal Integration difficulties such as SEBD

  • 1st Reflexologist to be awarded an All-Star Business Star Award at Croke Park for her work with clients with Social, Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties (SEBD).


Judy, a past 3-Term Chairperson of the The Irish Reflexologists Institute, has opened up a path to new treatment areas for Reflexologists to follow.

She has opened the door for qualified reflexologists to approach Schools and Adoption Societies to deliver their Skillset to help alleviate challenges, both physical & mental, for their clientele.

While addressing all the basics in detail on the course, you will also be given amazing insights into how Judy has learned, through painful and joyous experience, to resolve challenges for the most challenged and challenging clients and deliver life-changing outcomes, not just for them, but for their carers and families as well.

Her love and passion for her chosen profession will be clear and infectious and leave you confident and energized to start out on your own reflexology journey.




3 Time Chairperson of the IRI

Member of NRRI Advisory Council



Sean has gone from barely sleeping to sleeping 4 or sometimes 5 nights a week



Conor's mother says she notices a huge improvement in Conor