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The Fermanagh Herald Article

"Children learning to battle anxiety through reflexology"


THE BENEFITS of reflexology in managing stress and anxiety in adults has long been known, and now one local reflexologist is bringing these benefits to the children of Fermanagh.

Qualified in advanced reflexology for some 15 years, Judy Buckley was the first reflexologist in the county to bring the therapy into local schools, at both primary and secondary level.  The results she has been seeing at the five Fermanagh schools, where she is currently teaching children reflexology and coping techniques, have been phenomenal.

Judy opened up the Judy Buckley School of Reflexology three years ago where she offers one-to-one sessions with adults as well as private reflexology training for those seeking to practice themselves.

However, she also offers tailor-made techniques for children to address stress, anxiety and insomnia associated with ADHD, Downs syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, and anxiety disorders. 

Referring to what she has termed “Sunday night tummy pains”, when the thought of going to school on Monday brings on severe anxiety in children, Judy said he she starts with teaching children techniques to help them sleep. 

“They’re finding it very hard to go to sleep at night because of worrying about everything,” she said. “Therefore they’re going to sleep with a negative mind, and they are waking up with a negative mind. So that then spreads, the anxiety gets worse."

Judy said this can often hold children back from enjoying their lives, such as going to birthday parties or taking part in sports, but her course helped identify the holistic cause of the insomnia and anxiety in the children, and treat the symptom. As she noted, “every behaviour is a need.” 

“I have an awful lot of kids coming back to me, and mothers, saying when they go to bed they’re sleeping in the next ten or fifteen minutes,” said Judy.

- Roisin Henderson

Business All Star SEBD

Judy Buckley Reflexology was accredited with the All-Star SEBD. Speaking at the event, Kieran F. Ring, CEO Global Institute of Logistics, Deputy Chairperson Adjudication Panel said;  

“The decision to designate Judy Buckley Reflexology with All Star SEBD 2018-19 is based on the score achieved in four rounds of intense competition.

The application, supported by references, interviews and independent ratings from the ‘mystery shopper’ process left the adjudication panel in no doubt that Judy Buckley Reflexology is richly deserving of this accreditation. We would like to extend our sincere congratulations to all concerned and we wish you every success for the future”

In response to the announcement Judy Buckley said

“On behalf of  Judy Buckley Reflexology, I would like to express our sincere thanks for being accredited as All Star SEBD. Achieving All-Stars accreditation is a great source of pride for us and we look forward to continuing to meet and indeed exceed the standards set by the All-Star programme.  

The process which led to this accreditation truly stretched us, the structure of the competition required us to put our brand story on paper and gave us the opportunity to reflect on who we are, our growth strategy and above all the value we create for our target audience.

The opportunity to hear first-hand feedback from our Judge-Mentor, our existing customers, partners and suppliers through the reference module combined with the results from the mystery shopper round was invaluable.

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