Reflexology and Positivity Testomonials From Tranistion Year Students


1. “…able to stand up in class and speak & give presentations without dreading it.”


2. “…worrying less. I now know that if anything goes wrong, it’s not the end of the world”

3. “ …I find it easier to mix with people. I was VERY introverted, still feel a little so, but a LOT MORE extroverted”.

4. “…I find I’m opening up more to problems because I’m talking more about them. Also, I find my thinking is different about things and I have the guts to stick with decisions I've made.”

5. “I’m Thinking differently”

6. “I now have a different perspective on things and I’m able to walk through the school hall – unlike before (the class), when I was hung up on how others might be thinking about me”. Now this doesn't bother me and I don’t give it a second thought”

7. “ I was a lot shyer and now I find myself a lot more comfortable talking to people”.


8. “I used to over think everything, nearly causing a panic attack, but that doesn't happen now!”.

9. “Better perspective on things – I can see other peoples opinions better”

10. “I can stand-up better for myself – not taking crap from people (bullying) anymore”


11. “I’m sleeping better – I’ve a lot more energy , more motivation and more
confidence (Many)”


Testomonials From Parents/Carers of ASD, ADHD, MLD and many more


1. Thank you Judy for all you have done for Conor and our family.
We had a great day at his Holy Communion and it was a pleasure - I was able to relax and enjoy. Definitely seeing the benefits of reflexology. (Una Owens)


2. Louise, mother to Bryn, says "Byrn loves going to Judy Buckley. A more content child"


3. The change in Grace has been unbelievable. Her ability to control her fears and anxieities in many situations such as being in crowded places and coping with a change in plans has improved greatly. She is always excited about going to reflexology and seeing Judy. This experience has given Grace has more confidence and happiness. (Catherine O'Kane)


4. He loves his reflexology with Judy (Fiona McManus)


5. One happy little man tonight Judy Buckley. He loved his session today. Never look back. Thank you so much. Would seriously recommend Judy. Our wee mans "the feet Lady'. (Louise Carmac)


6. Another great session with Judy Buckley!! katie lee loving reflexology, sleeping pattern so much better , becoming more tolerant with noise . Would highly recommend reflexology with the amazing judy !! (Rhonda Morrow)




Testomonial from Larry

17. I was partically nervous on hearing that a reflexologist was coming to to the group to provide reflexology sessions. I am 19/20 and I suffer from aspergers syndrome, and normally I would be anxious, worried and at times have a mix between full energy and tiredness.


At the first session I was told about how a session of reflexology was done. It felt really relaxing and like floating on a cloud and everything was going right

It has helped me by:

- Sleeping - my sleep has improved

- Stress & Anxiety - attacks don't happen as much

- Worries - don't worry as much anymore

- My overall attidue has improved


There is so much more I could write but this would go on forever. From a college student and an autistic adult, I want to say THANK YOU. This has helped me overcome a lot over the last 2 months.




Testimonial From Parent A

2010 - present

2010 - present

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