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I would highly recommend Judy Buckley reflexology. I have brought my son for his 6th session with Judy today. He was suffering alot of anxiety, sleep issues and sensory issues. We have seen a big difference in him since going to Judy. He is calmer, happier in himself and able to communicate his worries to us more. He loves going to Judy and th e cuddles when we get there and leave! 

Donna Mc Coy

Judy is amazing at what she does she has helped my little boy so much with his sleep and he absolutely loves going to her I would highly recommend her

Emma Duffy

I would highly recommend Judy Buckley reflexology. I've been bringing my son who suffers with anxiety, sleepless nights and other issues. I have noticed better sleeping patterns, fewer nights with broke sleep, and he is not as anxious as he was. He has definately come out of his shell and his confidence has grown too. Judy i so kind and gentle with my son and he loves going! Thank you Judy for your continuing support!

Judith Leonard

Another great session with Judy Buckley!! katie lee loving reflexology, sleeping pattern so much better , becoming more tolerant with noise . Would highly recommend reflexology with the amazing Judy!!

Rhoda Morrow

I have been attending Judy with my daughter and she has made a real difference to a number of things such as anxiety, sleep and building up her confidence. Judy has a great way with her and through time she felt she could open up and talk to Judy about her fears and feelings which is great for her. I would definitely recommend Judy and Molly feels relaxed and now enjoys her weekly chats with Judy


Cora Watson

The change in Grace has been unbelievable. Her ability to control her fears and anxieities in many situations such as being in crowded places and coping with a change in plans has improved greatly. She is always excited about going to reflexology and seeing Judy. This experience has given Grace has more confidence and happiness.

Catherine O'Kane

Judy has been absolutely amazing to not only my 2 children but to me herself. her wealth of knowledge from years of experience is second to none. she is such a pleasure to go to, the kids absolutely love her. the change in my 2 children from being under her expertise is amazing. l highly highly recommend taking kids to Judy Buckley

Laura Connors

One happy little man tonight Judy Buckley. He loved his session today. Never look back. Thank you so much. Would seriously recommend Judy. Our wee mans "the feet Lady'.

Louise Carmac

2010 - present

2010 - present

2. Louise, mother to Bryn, says "Byrn loves going to Judy Buckley. A more content child"


What can I say? From the moment i walked through the door of your treatment room I felt so at home. The warmth, empathy and kindness you showed me was second to none. You most definately have healing hands! But you have a heart of gold and a genuine interest in people. I'm gonna miss our wee chats but thank you for everything you have done for me. God bless.

Carol Houston

My son loves his reflexology with Judy.

Fiona McManus

Judy, I shout it from the rooftops what you were able to do for charlie going from having a baby that never slept to having 12 hours a night has had a massive impact on our family life I am no longer a zombie and I can enjoy my babies again.

Louise Beresford

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